HK Company Formation Service
Ready-made‧Tailor made
Service Content Service Fee
(Ready-made or Tailor-made)
Formation Fee $1,380 $4,000
Company Incorporation Fee (Govt. Fee) $1,720
Business Licence Fee* (Govt. Fee) $250
M&A Printing, 1 Common Seal & 2 Perma Stamps $650
Remarks : Fee for registering unlimited company is HK$500.00 (excluding BR fee)
The fee stated above is effective on or after 1 April 2016, updated fee schedule will be announced in the event of an adjustment made by the Government.
  • 1 day for Ready-Made / 8 days for Tailor-Made
  • Including Government Fee:
    Company Incorporation fee $1,720, Business Licence Fee* $250 & Printing seal, Stamp & Company Kit $650
  • 1 Director
  • 1 Shareholder
    (no nationality restriction; Shareholder can be the director)
  • 1 Company Secretary
    (must provide the residential address of an individual secretary in Hong Kong or be Hong Kong Corporation)
  • Minimum capital: 1.00
  • Limited company is a separate legal entity with limited liability. The risks of running a business could not affect the private property and wealth of the shareholder.
  • The legal document of a limited company protects the rights of the shareholder (investor), which means easier capitalization.
  • The continuance of running a limited company is guaranteed.
  • The personal liability of the shareholder could not affect limited company’s asset.
  • Increase the confident and provide a better image to the client, banker and supplier of the company, hence helping the development of business.
  • Buying/selling a property with a limited company can prevent the investigation of personal “money source” from the Inland Revenue Department.
  • A priority of consideration would be given by the Immigration Department to the foreigner when applying business visa to set up a limited company in Hong Kong.
  • The name of the company is protected by law. It stops other people to use the same company name for illegal purpose.
  • Hong Kong has a simple tax system. Limited company is only obliged to file Profits Tax return once a year to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. Hong Kong does not have any sales tax, value-added tax or capital gain tax.
  • Enjoy the low Profits Tax rate in Hong Kong. The tax rate is only 16.5% in 2010/11.
  • Non Hong Kong sourced income is exempted from Hong Kong Profits Tax.
  • Business expenditure such as mortgage interest, traveling expenses and entertainments are tax deductible. Depreciation allowances are also granted to the acquisition of fixed assets.
  • Director’s salary is deductible for tax purposes.
  • Save of stamp duty and legal fees by transferring share of a limited company instead of the deed of property in the process of property transaction.
  • Avoidance of worldwide tax charged by original country of non Hong Kong residence.
  Service Provided:
  • Provide statutory duties
  • Meeting minutes for Annual General Meeting
  • Prepare and submit Annual Return for the current year to Companies Registry
  • Annual Return Government Fee included
  • Provide professional advice and suggestion in Accounting, Taxation and Company Structure
Remarks : The fees stated above are quoted for current year only, we reserve the right to make any modification at any time when deemed necessary.